A decentralized public chain that is the basis of an open market-centric platform that provides virtual world services and lifestyles to users of the metaverse-based social network Cyworld. CyMetaverse Chain is designed to be flexible and cross-chain with Ethereum (ERC-20), Klaytn, HuoboEchochain (HECO) and Binance SmartChain (BSC). Various Dapp application services such as CyClub, tokens, DeFi, etc. operate on the chain. CyDotori is the key transaction coin of the chain, which serves as a driving force for the token economy of ecosystem services and as a governance token for the platform.

CyMetaverse Chain Platform

Cyworld, to be introduced, builds an open market-type decentralized metaverse platform, and users will encounter various services in the huge metaverse worldview

Users verify their identity through CyDID, commu-nicate freely on CyClub, and receive storage space combining SNS and Blockchain technology through CyCloud. Each individual can enjoy various con-tents such as games, music, shopping, food, VR, healthcare and e-sports provided by Cyworld DApp partner brands while creating their own meta-verse.

In the new blockchain-based platform, CyDotori Token will become Cyworld's key transaction tool and become the basic unit to prove all individual activities. It is used when using services that cover the entire lifestyle, including music, webtoons, videos, and beauty.

Connecting Cymetaverse Chain

For MainNet

Cymetaverse Chain NFT 해커톤

참가 신청

  • 참가 기간 : 2022/06/17 ~ 2022/06/20
  • 상금 : 1등 1ETH, 2~10등 : 10만원 상당 ETH

CyMetaverse Chain Platform Overview


Cyworld classic

which is the foundation of Cyworld. It can be said to be the beginning of the metaverse that provides a mini-hompy.

Go to Cyworld Classic


It is Cyworld's blockchain social network as the first DApp of Cyworld's mainnet. All content that is communicated and uploaded based on text and voice is linked to the storage space provided by Cyworld. Users can access Cyworld through CyClub. Experience new content and entertainment in the metaverse provided by Classic, producing and consuming content that encompasses all lifestyle services including NFT, music, webtoons, videos, and beauty.


CyDotori Marketplace

Cyworld's CyDotori Marketplace basically provides the ability to consume and trade items and various contents and services through CyDotori Tokens be-tween users. In addition, users can freely trade to-kens of DApp partners in the Metaverse ecosys-tem, and use the trading fee as DOTR.

CyMetaverse Crosschain Architecture

CyMetaverse Chain implements governance by building consensus nodes to increase service speed and interoperability between services. Partnerships with nodes and Dapps for ecosystem construction and management, etc. Organize in stages to increase efficiency by clarifying each role and authority. CyMetaverse Chain adopts the Multi-Chain method. Because each block chain has distinct characteristics, it does not depend on one type of chain, and it enables cross-chain with Ethereum, Klaytn, Huobi Ecochain (HECO), and Binance Smart Chain (BSC), so that the CyMetaverse chain becomes one chain. It is not limited to ecosystems, but can add value to other ecosystems to make the original ecosystem robust.

CyMetaverse Chain Technologies


For the protection of users' safe personal information, the CyDID system uses an abnormal login detection system and machine learning technology to prevent personal information infringement and block abnormal advertisement tracking.


Integrate anomaly detection system and KYC (real name authentication) into mainnet by establishing FDS verified in the financial sector


It is as intuitive as a website’s www address system, and gives it an address system that a smishing organization cannot manipulate.


Decentralized self-storage with a multi-layered storage system and storage usage scenario with CDN, cloud storage, decentralized storage, and cold storage

CyDotori Bridge

The backbone of the metaverse with infinite possibilities as a set of extensible components. A shuttle and bridge that connects newly added blockchain-based services, mainnet, and existing legacy systems

Mainnet Tech

Through DPoS Council nodes, you can experience fast block creation and stable usability, and the technology of the CyDotori team that enables rapid service expansion and migration. It provides cross-chain development and debugging tools, and allows users to easily access what a blockchain is. We plan to develop DApps.

CyDotori Token Distribution

  • Token NameCyDotori Token
  • Symbol         DOTR

Initial Total

10,000,000,000 DOTR

Blockchain Network

It is first issued as ERC-20, and when the CyMetaverse chain is officially operated, it will be used as the mainnet key currency of the chain.

Index Rate Lock-up plan
Development 15% 48 Months Vesting
Operation 20% 48 Months Vesting
Marketion 25% 48 Months Vesting
Ecosystem 15% 48 Months Vesting
Team & Adviser 13% 1 year Lockup / 34 months vesting
Partners 10% 1 year Lockup / 28 months vesting
Private Sale 2% Unlocked

CyDotori Token Usability

Open market service payment method

In the metaverse of Cyworld Classic, users use CyDotori tokens to use open market services such as music, games, webtoons, photos, styles, and education. Here, service use refers to all activities that build one's own world with consumption, produce and sell content, rather than simply unilateral consumption of content.

CyDotori Marketplace key currency

CyDotori Token is used as the key currency of the CyDotori Marketplace operated by Cyworld Classic. You can participate in early voting for coin items circulating on the digital asset platform with CyDotori Tokens, and it is also used as a means of payment for trading fees.

Ecosystem Participant Reward

CyDotori Tokens are provided through coin information and various events to users participating in the Cyworld Classic, CyClub and CyMetaverse ecosystems. Through this, users will receive CyDotori Tokens from Cyworld Classic and will use them in future blockchain-based CyMetaverse chain DApps and general services.

CyMetaverse Chain Governance

Node operation Partners participating in the CyMetaverse Governance Council (CGC) are responsible for installing,
operating and managing nodes. When upgrading in response to bugs and failures, relevant personnel
are required to communicate smoothly with the Foundation. A certain amount of CyDotori Tokens
must be staked at all times. The amount of staking and rewards can be changed through voting of nodes.
in governance
DPartners must actively make decisions about operating, expanding or improving your DOTR business.
Regular meetings should be held to participate in unified decision-making regarding the changing trends
and regulations of virtual assets.
Business cooperation
and expansion
We need to work with the Foundation to expand and stabilize the DOTR metaverse and the businesses
derived from it. In the midst of changing regulations, we work together to operate the most successful
Metaverse platform and ecosystem in Asia.
Each node mutually
monitors and motivates
Mutual monitoring to ensure that each node is performing its assigned or agreed role correctly.
It also motivates you by making sure you have a reward system. We pursue the stable operation
of the CyMetaverse Governance Council using game theory. The right to monitor and punish for
wrong actions or node operation for self-interest is distributed to each node and
punished through POS-based DAO.

CyMetaverse Chain DApp Partners Area


  • Webtoon
  • Music
  • Movie
  • OTT
  • E-Sports


  • Luxury
  • Beauty
  • Fashion
  • Food
  • Live Commerce


  • VR
  • Game
  • Traveling
  • Education
  • Shopping
  • Healthcare

Coming Soon.